Steam Days

Hank the Tank Engine

The Golden Age of Steam

Relive the "Golden Age of Steam" as the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum hosts Steam Days.

Father and Son duo John and Barney Gramling purchased, restored, and tour the Eastern United States with their collection of steam locomotives. The Gramlings appear in their own reality show "Have Engine Will Travel". The full show can be viewed on Amazon Prime and was partially filmed on location at our museum!

Railroaders young and old will enjoy seeing the beautifully restored coal-burning Jeddo Coal #85 affectionately known as "Mack". Mack is known as a "saddletank"steam locomotive as it carries its water and coal on the locomotive instead of a tender. Steam fans young and old will enjoy the sights and sounds of a live steam engine as it chuffs down the line.

Want to blow the whistle and pull the throttle? You have the chance to operate the locomotive during our "At The Throttle" event!

Tickets and more information coming soon!