Baggage Express No. 329

Southern Railway BEM-Baggage Express Messenger No. 329
Southern Railway Baggage Express Messenger Car No. 329

Southern Railway donated Baggage Car No. 329 to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. Car No. 329 carries the AAR mechanical designation of a BEM-Baggage Express Messenger. The car was also part of Southern Railway’s Express Agency. The car is equipped with side doors for the admittance of baggage or express. For the crew, it provides drinking water and enclosed lavatory and toilet, wardrobe with coat hangers and shelf, electric lights. For operating use, it has a brake cord, and a signal cord.

A Starred Car

The practice of placing a star on a baggage car was used by many railroads. In 1948, Southern Railway began adding a star to its Railway Express Agency (REA) car’s designation. The star was used only on those REA cars that were equipped with toilet facilities. The designation, or road number, of a REA car’s lettering was 5 inches tall and painted using the traditional Southern Railway yellow. The star was usually placed above the lettering.

Star Designating Toilet Facilities
Star Designating Toilet Facilities