ADA Information

On Site Accomodations

Our Museum welcomes those who may need accommodations during their visit. The Museum Gift Shop is fully accessible to all visitors. Our on campus restrooms were purpose built for ADA compliance.

Accessible Campus

The museum's main campus contains a paved parking lot and level sidewalks. Ramps are provided for accessing The Boone Library (Woodlawn Depot) and our Depot Museum (Calera Depot).

NOTE: Beyond the ticketing area, the Calera Depot building does contain steps leading from the waiting room and ticket window area into the freight room which houses static displays.

Lift Available

Mobilift Portable Wheelchair LiftWe provide accomodations for those with limited mobility via a Mobilift system. To make use of this, please inform the ticket agent when picking up your tickets. Secure seating accomodations are available on the Long Island No. 2972 and Open Air Car No. 1121. Reserve seating for these limited spaces is available at the time of purchase.

As most forms of vintage transportaion, our train coaches were not designed with todays standards of accessibility. However, with the use of our Mobilift system, by Adaptive Engineering Inc., any passenger with limited mobility is able to board our coaches at the Calera Depot.

Accomodations at Ozan Station

Passengers are able to board and deboard our trains at the Ozan Winery Station. The boarding platform was built at vestibule height to ease access for riders wtih limited mobility. There, riders are able to step, or roll, directly coach onto the station's platform. The covered platform also provides a ramp descending from platform level to ground level.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accommodations, please contact the museum office at [email protected] or by phone or by phone (205) 668-3435.