Boone Library

The Collection

The Woodlawn Depot now known as the Boone LibraryThe Woodlawn Depot building houses most of the library’s holdings. These include over 1400 books; 1100 DVDs/Videos/CDs; rail-fan periodicals, some dating back to the 1930s; employee magazines—e.g. Ties, L & N Magazine, etc; industry publications—e.g. Railway Age dating back to 1910; reference books, atlases and encyclopedias; maps, track diagrams, and equipment blueprints; passenger and employee timetables; photos and slides; and, other memorabilia. The library also houses a collection of children’s rail books both fiction and non-fiction.

Multi-Media Holdings

The library’s DVD/Video collection is subdivided like our book holdings. While focused on American railroads, past and present, it also includes international railroads as well as movie classics and kid-oriented DVDs. Library CDs feature photo collections of American and southeastern railroad steam locomotives dating from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Operating Hours

The Boone Library is open Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM and by appointment on other days. For appointments call the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum's office at 205-668-3435.