Baggage Car No. 467

Baggage-Express Car No. 467 was built by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in 1928. It was originally constructed as a mail-baggage car carrying the road number No. 160. It was built with clerestory roof and four-wheel trucks with friction bearings.

As mail-baggage No. 160, the car weighed in at 117,500 lbs. The “mail” end accounted for 60,800 lbs of the total weight with the baggage end adding 56,700 lbs. The trucks weighed in at 33,300 lbs.

Baggage Express (BE)

On March 10, 1955, No. 160 entered Southern Railway’s Hayne Car Shop. It emerged with a new road number, No. 467, and a new AAR designation of Baggage Express (BE). With its new road number and designation, No. 467 served Southern Railway for another 13 years before being retired and subsequently donated to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum on July 31, 1968.