ALCO 0-4-0 No. 3

Colorado Eagle
ALCO 0-4-0 fires up for the first time after complete rebuild.

Built June 1910 by the American Locomotive Company’s Cooke Works for the American Rolling Mills Company (ARMCO) where it was assigned road number No. 3801. The locomotive is a small, saddle tank, switching engine.

Georgia Marble Company

Between July 1926 and May 1927, Birmingham Rail and Locomotive Co purchased it. In May 1927, it was sold to the Georgia Marble Company where it was used by the Alabama Marble division. At this time it was also given the road number No. 3.

“the Dinkey”

During its time with Georgia Marble, it saw service at Gantt’s Quarry located in Sylacauga, Al. There it was affectionately known as “the Dinkey”.

Heart of Dixie Railroad Club

In August of 1966, No. 3 was donated to the to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Club (the forerunner of todays museum). The locomotive was restored and saw occasional service running back and forth at the club's tracks downtown. No. 3 is now stored out of service and undergoing restoration.