Southern Dining Car No. 4141

Interior of diner 4141
Interior of Dining Car No. 4141

Dining Car No. 4141 was built by Pullman in 1917 for the Alabama Great Southern Railroad (A.G.S.). When built, it featured seating for 36 with 2 person tables along one side, 4 person tables along the other. It also had open windows, a clerestory roof, and ornate fixtures typical of the period.

Upgrades in 1943

In 1943 A.G.S updated No. 4141. The upgrade, typical in the life cycle of a heavy weight, involved replacing the clerestory roof with a simpler, rounded roof, and air conditioning. It also sealed windows and changed the seating arrangement to 4 person tables, which expanded the seating capacity from the original 36 to 48.

Last Pullman Heavy Weight

Exterior of diner 4141.
Exterior of Dining Car No. 4141.

By 1969, A.G.S. had become wholly owned by Southern Railway. Southern Railway continued operating dining car No. 4141, reserving it for special trains and railroad personnel, until it’s retirement in 1972. Dining Car No. 4141 has the distinction of being the last Pullman heavy weight dining car in service with Southern Railway. Upon it’s retirement, Southern Railway donated No. 4141 to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.