Southern Dining Car #4141

Interior of diner 4141
Interior of Dining Car #4141

Dining Car #4141 was built by Pullman in 1917 for the Alabama Great Southern Railroad (A.G.S.). When built, it featured seating for 36 with 2 person tables along one side, 4 person tables along the other. It also had open windows, a clerestory roof, and ornate fixtures typical of the period.

Upgrades in 1943

In 1943 A.G.S updated 4141. The upgrade, typical in the life cycle of a heavy weight, involved replacing the clerestory roof with a simpler, rounded roof, and air conditioning. It also sealed windows and changed the seating arrangement to 4 person tables, which expanded the seating capacity from the original 36 to 48.

Last Pullman Heavy Weight

Exterior of diner 4141.
Exterior of Dining Car #4141.

By 1969, A.G.S. had become wholly owned by Southern Railway. Southern Railway continued operating dining car #4141, reserving it for special trains and railroad personnel, until it’s retirement in 1972. Dining Car #4141 has the distinction of being the last Pullman heavy weight dining car in service with Southern Railway. Upon it’s retirement, Southern Railway donated #4141 to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.