Museum Policies

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum grounds.


Firearms are not permitted on the grounds or onboard trains.

Photo Permissions

By purchasing a ticket(s) for a museum event, a visitor consents to allow any Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum representative to take video(s) or photo(s) of the visitor or of anyone in their party while on the Museum grounds or trains. The visitor is aware that these images or videos may be used publicly (in print, online publications, presentations, websites and/or social media) to promote the museum and its events. The visitor also understands that no compensation or fee will be provided to them for the use of such photographs or videos  


The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum does not allow tobacco smoking anywhere on the grounds. 

Weather Policy

For the safety of our visitors, The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum (HODRRM) will temporarily close when lightning is present in the immediate vicinity and will remain closed for 30 minutes past the last lightning occurrence. The HODRRM will close for the day, if lightning conditions persist. If your scheduled train ride is cancelled and is not rescheduled later that same day, HODRRM will provide you, upon request, a full refund of your ticket.