Railway Post Office 30 & 76

Southern Railway RPO 30
RPO 30 at the original museum location on 18th street in Birmingham, AL

Southern Railway RPO 30

The American Car & Foundry Company built Railway Post Office, (RPO) # 30, in 1928. It last saw service with the Southern Railway. RPO 30 is a full Post Office Car featuring a clerestory roof and friction bearings. When built, the car also had a skylight. Records also indicate that it had an 8-gallon Giessel water cooler added on September 17, 1956. RPO 30 was donated to the Heart of Dixie on January 12, 1971. While in storage, at the original Heart of Dixie location in 1998, an illicit drug transaction led to a fire that left RPO #30 gutted. While awaiting a decision on restoration, RPO #30 is stored on the museum grounds in the Clark Yard.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad RPO 76

The Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company built the Railway Post Office, # 76, in 1912. It last saw service on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. RPO #76 is a full Post Office Car featuring a clerestory roof, six-wheel trucks and friction bearings. RPO #76 was donated to the Heart of Dixie in July of 1967. Due to having seen service in the northeast, in extreme winter conditions where railroads used salt extensively to melt ice, the car has extensive rust and weather related damage.