L&N Club Car 3050 "Alabama Club"

Alabama Club Advertisement
Promotional Image of the tavern section of the Alabama Club


The Alabama Club was built as the Pullman car the Mount Gibbs between October and December of 1926. The Mount Gibbs was one of thirty cars built as Plan 3521-A and Lot 4996. The cars of this plan had 10 sections and an observation lounge with an open platform on the rear.

Renamed the Alabama

During August of 1938 the Pullman Company had the open platform removed from the car and picture windows installed in the ends of the car in place of the platform. At this time, the car was also renamed to Alabama. In December of 1948 the Pullman Company sold the Alabama to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, who in turn, leased the car back to Pullman.

Alabama Club's Lounge Area
The Lounge Area as it appeared in the 1930's.

Tavern Lounge Car No. 3050

The Alabama was withdrawn from lease in March of 1954 and was rebuilt into tavern lounge car number 3050. At this time the name was again changed. This time the car was renamed from Alabama to Alabama Club. During this 1954 rebuild the car also received a dark blue paint scheme with a grey roof and gold script lettering. The end windows that were added in 1938 were also removed at this time. As of 1954 the lounge area of the car had a seating capacity of 14 and the tavern section a capacity of 24. The tavern area was separated from the bar by two etched glass partitions, one displaying the car name and the other the state capitol.


An L. & N. advertisement for the Pan-American
An L. & N. advertisement for the Pan-American

During the years 1960 until 1965 the Alabama Club and its sister cars the Kentucky Club and the Tennessee Club were assigned to the Louisville and Nashville train, the PAN AMERICAN. Of the thirty cars in the lot that the Alabama Club was originally built from; ten were sold to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad or affiliated lines. Two of these ten cars became Louisville and Nashville office cars, one became a Chicago and Eastern Illinois office car, and three eventually became the Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee Club cars.

Alabama Club in HOD restoration shop
Alabama Club in HOD restoration shop.

The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum purchased the Alabama Club from a private individual in the early 1990's. The Alabama Club is currently undergoing a full restoration.