Whitcomb 25-ton No. 2

Whitcomb 25 Ton

Locomotive No. 2 is a 25-ton, 4-wheel, diesel switcher that was built by Whitcomb Locomotive Company of Rochelle, Illinois in December 1951 for the U.S. Air Force. At the time, Whitcomb Locomotive Works was a subsidiary of the Baldwin Locomotive Works. While serving under the U.S. Air Force, it carried road number No. 1140. When delivered, it had a black frame, blue cab and hood, and white lettering.

Class 25DE26

Its power comes from a Cummins Model HBI driving a Westinghouse generator. This, affectionately known as our "Shop Goat," is a class 25DE26 bearing Serial No. 61184. It weighs 50,850 lbs. It was donated to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum by Monsanto Chemical Co. on June 25, 1993 with a presentation ceremony at the Monsanto plant on June 10,1993. Locomotive No. 2 arrived at its new home in Calera, Alabama on July 27, 1993 at 9:20 A.M. where it is still in active duty at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.