Which Car Should I Ride?

The cars operated on our trains during various events are listed in their order in the consist. Not all cars are available for each event. Please refer to each event's ticket page for car availability for that event. The museum also has a collection of cars, locomotives, and equipment that is on static display and not available to ride. You can learn more about our full collection in the collection pages.

Locomotives #2019 & #2022

Ride with the engineer in the cab of one of our Electro-Motive Division (EMD) SW8 locomotives for a truly memorable experience! Note: Ages 12-Adult, Ages 2-12 accompanied by an adult (21+). Ages 0-24mo. not permitted.

The locomotive cab is not climate controlled. The locomotive horn and apparatuses can be loud so please keep this in mind for children sensitive to loud sounds.

Open Air Cars #1121 & #1122

Ride on a "rolling front porch" through the scenic forests of Shelby County! The open air cars are converted flat cars which offer bench seating and are covered but not enclosed, offering an uninhibited view of the line! There is one wheelchair accessible space on Open Air Car #1122. See below for handicap accessibility information.

Note: Due to the proximity to the caboose or locomotive and the car not being enclosed, riders may experience the loud horn of the locomotive and the squealing of the brakes. Please keep this in mind if you have children who are overly sensitive to louder sounds.

Frisco Coach #1062

Frisco Coach #1062 is an enclosed, open window coach. The #1062 was built by the American Car & Foundry as a "Heavyweight" coach which is known for its smooth ride. The Frisco is the oldest car on our collection and has been in continuous service since it was built in 1910. All seats face one direction. Frisco Coach #1062 is a true classic and a favorite car of many of our passengers and volunteers.

Long Island Coach #2972

Long Island Coach 2972 has been fully restored by the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum back to its appearance as it was first built for the Long Island Railroad in 1955. The #2972 is fully enclosed and climate controlled for your comfort. Seats face each other in groups of four.

Long Island Coach #2972 has a space and tie downs for one wheelchair. See below for handicap accessibility information.

Missouri Pacific Dome Coach #892

The Missouri Pacific Planetarium Dome Coach 892 offers a unique experience not found on many railroads today. Upper level seating faces forward and offers a 360-degree view of the train and scenery! Lower level seating offers facing pairs of seats in this enclosed climate-controlled coach.

This unique coach was built in 1948 for use on the Colorado Eagle, a streamlined passenger train operated by the Missouri Pacific Railroad (MP), and was numbered #892. It was later operated by the Illinois Central, having been renumbered #2202, before being acquired by the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) Chair Car #4741 - Silver Maple

The Silver Maple 4741 Chair Car was built in 1947 by Budd for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) for use on the famed California Zephyr. Originally a sleeper coach, this coach was reconfigured into a 48-seat chair car in 1963. Seats face each other in groups of four. The Silver Maple is a fully enclosed climate-controlled car.

Santa Fe Chair Car #2823

Car #2823 was built in 1953 for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad as a long distance coach.  Santa Fe ran #2823 on its premier passenger trains the El Capitan, the San Francisco Chief, and the Texas Chief connecting Chicago with Los Angeles. This is an enclosed climate-controlled car. Seats face each other in groups of four.

Chicago & North Western (C&NW) Gallery Coach #59

BuiGallery coach #59 was built by Pullman-Standard in 1960 for the Chicago and North Western Railway (C&NW) for use on the railroad’s Chicago area commuter trains. This car is a fully enclosed, climate-controlled, bi-level coach with upper and lower level seating. Seats face each other in groups of four. The car loads from the center and is seperated into two seperate seating sections, A & B. During the North Pole Express trains, the musical entertainment is located in the C&NW-A. Upper level seating is not available for the North Pole Express.


Ride with the brakeman in one of our cabooses and get an up-close look at railroad operations! Valid for ages 12+ or for children ages 2+ when accompanied by at least one adult (age 18+) per two children. Infants under 24 months are NOT permitted to ride in the Caboose.

Handicap Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible ADA accommodations are available only on the Long Island #2972 and Open Air Car #1121. Wheelchair loading and unloading occurs only at the Calera Depot with a MobiLift wheelchair lift. Wheelchair boarding and unloading capabilities are not available at off-site stops such as Ozan Winery or the Pumpkin Patch for the Pumpkin Patch Express.

NOTE: A person in your party must ride the train while in a wheelchair in order to purchase this ticket. This ticket provides only a secure space for a wheelchair - Meaning, no actual seat is provided with this ticket.


There are no working restrooms aboard any trains. Please utilize the restrooms at the Gift Shop prior to boarding.